If you’ve driven by the corner of Eagle Rd and Neff Rd recently, you may have noticed some changes. Our construction team is Leader Builders, and they have been working with Mckenzie/Cascade as our excavation contractor. Thus far, we have completed a reroute of the irrigation ditch running through the property, a rough dig out of the building foundation and patios, and general grading of the parking areas, retention ponds (for rainwater), and completed the project job shack.

Dennis Szigeti is the owner and operator of Leader Builders, founded in 1997. Dennis has roots in Hawai’i and a total of 44 years of beautiful construction work. Dennis says the name, Leader Builders, “comes from my children Leah and Ryder (lea/der) and it’s a family affair with Ryder as my office manager and Leah as my tile expert.” Dennis is excited to be working on this project, “from it’s forward thinking/innovative design, to its mission statement and of course all the people involved in not only it’s building, but it’s overall purpose. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity.”

We are so grateful to have Dennis and Leader Builders helping to make the Hanai vision become a reality.