We believe that if you build connected relationships in a welcoming space, an abundant community will evolve.

At Hanai, we invite the curious, the seekers of wellbeing, and those looking to make meaningful connections to join us in re-imagining what it is to be a part of the Central Oregon community. It is our vision to become a community hub where individuals and groups can consciously connect, be nurtured, and learn and grow together.



Hanai’s uniquely inspiring, individual indoor and outdoor spaces will be home to a wide variety of workshops, classes and personal-development seminars offered in partnership with individuals, businesses and other nonprofits in the community. The facility and site will also be available for rent for both large and small events.



  • It is our kuleana (our responsibility) to nurture Mother Nature
  • We value the interconnectedness of all living things and we are aware that our actions and decisions impact our ecosystem’s pono (balance).
  • We are building an opportunity for future generations to embrace and steward.


  • We are mindful and respectful as we work to build mutual trust and understanding among diverse opinions and perspectives.
  • We are honest about our intentions and clear with our boundaries.
  • We hold space for the vulnerability that is the seed of transformation.


  • We accept that change is constant and strive to nurture resiliency.
  • We support the letting go of old stories that no longer serve us.
  • We embrace love and abundance over fear and scarcity as we passionately explore new ways of being in community together.