Programs and Events at Hanai

We are seeking partners with complementary programs that need a special place to call home, and additionally will offer the facility for rent to those interested in holding community gatherings and events.  

Healing and health through movement, mindfulness, nutrition and the ability to reconnect to nature.

Conscious Connection through unique self-development and learning opportunities to serve the wide-ranging needs of youth, parent, and elder individuals and groups.

Celebrating Community through cultural offerings and special events that bridge divides and bring people together to rejoice, remember, and honor the self and others.

Are you interested in offering yoga, dance, or other forms of movement? Arts, cooking, nutrition or nature-based learning classes? Do you offer programs for parents, children, or our aging population? Or do you need a truly exceptional space where you can host self-development workshops, retreats, or monthly community meetings? If so, we invite you to connect with us to tell us about your needs and how Hanai can work with you to realize your vision!