Our Story

Roots of the Hanai Foundation

The Hanai Foundation was formed to provide a shared gathering space for the community – one that inspires respectfulness, creativity and innerstanding. The foundation’s focus is community sustainability, courageous connection, and the breaking of barriers. Our peers and partners are individuals, businesses, and nonprofits that care deeply about creating non-ideological togetherness and interconnection.

Hanai is a Hawaiian word which means “to nurture.” Our purpose is to help others serve the ‘Self first’—not by being selfish, but by aspiring to fulfill and heal one’s self before serving others.  We believe that it is our kuleana (responsibility) to let go of that which does not serve us and embrace life with courage and grace. It is the
fundamental mark of a complete community.

The Hanai Foundation was founded by Kimberly Smythe in 2013 to foster community, connection and imagination. Hanai was made possible by the Smythe Family as a starting point, and it will be with the love and support of the community that Hanai will grow and flourish.